Retirement Planning Course

Intro to The Retirement Continuum

  • The 4 Phases of the Continuum

  • Quality of life issues

  • Financial / quantitative issues

  • The "Retirement Timeline"

Planning Your Retirement

  • Creating your vision

  • Handling Health Insurance and Medicare

  • Why a budget is critical

  • See it all with your retirement income chart

  • Inflation: The Silent Killer

  • Putting it all together

  • Comparing retirement strategies

Managing Risks

  • Health insurance after you retire

  • Medicare, its supplements, and how these work

  • Long-term care and aging in place

  • Survivor and Special Needs Planning

cartoon toolbox

Retirement income & Strategies

  • Social Security and You

    • How benefits are calculated

    • Maximizing your benefits

  • Pension plans - Monthly paycheck or a lump sum?

  • Annuities: the good, bad, and ugly

  • Employer plans - 401(k) & 403(b)

    • Should you leave your old plan behind or roll it over?

    • Internal costs, lost opportunities, possible lack of flexibility

  • lRAs and Roth lRAs

    • Required minimum withdrawals

    • Roth conversions

    • "Stretch:" The Inherited IRA

  • Taxable Accounts

    • "Tax Harvesting" strategies

  • Withdrawal Planning

    • How much and where to take it from

    • Withdrawal strategy optimization

    • Minimizing taxes in retirement

High Confidence Investing

  • Investments: The Engine of Success

  • Why everything you know about investing is wrong for retirement portfolios

  • Why Most investors Struggle

  • The 4 Commandments of Retirement Investing

  • The Efficient Frontier - and why we care

  • Avoiding catastrophic market crashes

There is no assurance provided that the financial strategies discussed will provide investment success. Investments are subject to risk and actual results depend on many factors as discussed in the course.