Retirement Planning Course

Intro to The Retirement Continuum

  • The 4 Phases of the Continuum

  • Quality vs. Quantitative Issues

  • The "Retirement Timeline"

Planning Your Retirement

  • Creating your vision

  • Handling Health Insurance before Medicare

  • The Budget - boring but critical

  • See it all: The Retirement income chart

  • Accounting for a silent killer - Inflation

  • Comparing impacts of different strategies

keeping what you have

  • Health Insurance, Medicare, and Supplements

  • “Aging Well” on your own terms

  • Maintain independence as you age

  • Survivor Planning and Replacing Income


Retirement income & Strategies

  • Calculating Your Social Security

  • Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

  • Pension plans - Monthly paycheck or a lump sum?

  • 401(k) & 403(b) - Leave it or Roll to IRA?

  • lRAs and Roth lRAs

    • Required minimum withdrawals

    • Roth conversions

    • "Stretch:" The Inherited IRA and Latest Laws

  • Withdrawal Planning

    • How much and where to take it from

  • Minimizing taxes in retirement

  • The After-Tax Brokerage Account

  • Annuities: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    • 3 General Types; Pro’s and Con’s of Each

    • Stuck in an Annuity? Annuity Rescue!

High Confidence Investing

  • Retirees’ Greatest Reported Fear

  • A key to not running out of money

  • What determines portfolio longevity

  • The biggest destroyer of returns in retirement

  • A Life-Changing A-HA Moment!

  • Avoiding Market Crashes

  • The Dobermans of the DOW Strategy

There is no assurance provided that the financial strategies discussed will provide investment success. Investments are subject to risk and actual results depend on many factors as discussed in the course.